Meet the Hummustown Team

Refugees Want Parity, Not Charity

Hummustown was launched in March 2017 at the height of the Syrian refugee crisis, to support Syrian refugees in Rome to earn a dignified, steady income through their culinary and cultural skills.

Everyday, Hummustown gives these hard working people the opportunity to cook and distribute delicious food all around Rome. Since the inception of the initiative, we have helped more than ten refugees become more financially independent and, by extension, more integrated in Roman life. Our goal is to help them attain full independence, to be able not to just survive in Rome, but to thrive and be able to remit money to their families back home.

It’s a win-win prospect, if you think about it.

You get to savor the most authentic, delicious, wholesome Syrian food in Rome, and at the same time help decent people get on their own feet by being financially independent. Refugees don’t want hand outs or charity. They just want a chance. Hummustown wants to be just that. The chance.

While we started out responding to the influx of Syrians to Rome, our big dream is to help all refugees use their cultural and culinary know-how to bring even more eclectic deliciousness to Rome. We’ve supported Ethiopian, Iraqi and Palestinian refugees in the past and are open to any suggestions.