It Tastes Like Home 

Here at Hummustown we focus on bringing food derived from Syrian culture and the Mediterranean to the people of Rome. We offer not only a variety of dishes that showcase the great flavors, but we also offer something much more special. A taste of home.

Hummustown provides jobs for Syrian refugees while they are working to integrate themselves into Italy. While working to establish themselves in Italy, our chefs are making sure to bring a pivotal piece of Syria with them, their passion for a home cooked meal. Our chefs strive to bring the authentic taste of Syria to the tables of Rome homes and the strong feelings of family and being together are baked and cooked into every dish that leaves the kitchen. Family is the most important aspect of life to Syrians and extends far beyond their immediate family. Mothers take immense pride in caring for their family and much of this care is displayed through cooking. At Hummustown we want to not only provide you with a delicious meal and a sense of community, but we want to show our passion for family through our dishes.

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