Feeding The Homeless

Since 2018, we have provided about 100 free meals per month (sometimes twice a month) to the homeless, migrants, and refugees here in Rome. This adds up to about approximately 1,000 people, considering some months we were not able to.  To feed each person is about Euro 2.5. Our cost factors come from the packaging (all bio-degradable and compostable) we use, the ladies who cook, and the help we rely on to deliver the food. Attached are a few photos to give you a better idea.

HummusTown team

If you want to support us feed the homeless, feel free to send us your contribution, either via Bank Transfer (below details) or via PayPal (ID: yummy@hummustown.com)

Hummustown Societa Cooperativa
IBAN:  IT18M0842503200000031250681

PAYPAL: yummy@hummustown.com 
(use the Family/Friend channel please)


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