Help Us Sustainably Deliver Our Food!

A Green Helping Hand for our Refugees AND Planet!

Hello, buongiorno, and marhaba! 

Two years ago we launched our first Crowdfunding to raise funds for Hummustown’s Industrial Kitchen. Thanks to your generosity, we raised enough money to get an industrial kitchen which is now our home and the heart and soul of Hummustown. 

In our new home, we have been cooking and catering and teaching others how to cook Syrian food here in Rome. It’s where the magic happens. When we receive your order we prepare it with love using the best quality ingredients, before packaging and delivering it to you.

But, as we grew and expanded, delivery has now become our bottle neck. Once again, we are asking for your support and generosity.

We want to raise money to purchase our own delivery van. But not just any van, an electric van.

Hard-coded in the Hummustown philosophy is a fundamental guide: nothing we do will have a negative impact on the planet. Everything we do is sustainable. We use biodegradable packaging, we avoid plastic packaged food, we throw our garbage in the right bins, and now, we want to make sure that when we get our food to you, it is not only additive, chemical and nasty ingredients- free, but that it’s also carbon free. Produced with with love, delivered with renewable energy.

From the entire Hummustown team, a big and warm thank you for your continued support and for being a part of this worthwhile project! Join us in helping our Syrian brothers and sisters AND the planet this holiday season. Together, we can make a real difference. 

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IBAN: IT18MO842503200000031250681

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