Alaa’s Hummustown Journey

At Hummustown, our workers are so much more than just workers. We seek to establish relationships with each one and we are constantly looking forward to their growth. As a business, we found a need that longed to filled and brought to the table, that need was being a voice and place of refuge for those who do not have one. We do not just see each cook or caterer each day and continue about our time, we want to know where they’re at and what they are thinking.

Meet Alaa, Alaa is a 28-year-old man from Palestine and has been working with us since the beginning of 2020 and what a journey it has been for him. Alaa experienced Hummustown before the pandemic and talks about how the work was in abundance but once the pandemic began it was no longer safe to leave his home due to safety protocols that were put into place, just many Italians. “Hummustown has always been in touch with us ensuring we were all in good and if we needed anything, they were ready to support.” During these challenging times we want to reiterate a pillar of Hummustown and our mission, that pillar is family. Our relationships do not stop once our workers have clocked out, we care for these people as you would for a family member.

Alaa talks about the rewards he has received while working for Hummustown saying, “Honestly, each and every day I work for me is rewarding. I am lucky to be working, even if it is just a few days a week.” While unemployment has increased in Rome and many people are struggling, we have been able to continue providing jobs and even had the opportunity to cater a lunch at an American high school here in Rome prior to lockdown. Alaa felt respected,

appreciated, and valued for his work and he believes that during times like these, appreciation can go a long way, as do we.

Finally, although we love all our workers, we know that many of them will go on to take part in other adventures professionally. We wanted to know what Alaa will take with him should he ever decide to leave Hummustown. He said, “Hummustown has taught me to be resilient, and not to say no to anything. Nothing one does is demeaning or embarrassing… doing a respectable job is priceless.” Here at Hummustown, want our current, former, and future coworkers to know that we will always be a place they can call home, and we are passionate about supporting you in every stage of your life. This all goes for our customers as well. We take great pride in operating a business that thrives on teamwork and encouragement from both our customers and our employees alike.

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