Food for inclusion

Hummustown cooperative company

bpe project

27 November, 2018
Hummustown- there is no limit to who we can help

31 March, 2021
Conqueror Rome has been conquered... yes from Syrian food, here's Hummustown

Gambero rosso

24 March, 2021
The history of Shaza and Hummustown: Syrian delivery in Rome for the integration of refugees

la repubblica

12 February, 2021
Aleppo in Rome, guess who is bringing dinner

Corriere della Sera

10 January, 2021
Rome, from refugees to cooks in the Syrian cooking startup

luciano pignataro

11 July, 2020
Hummustown, Syrian cuisine of excellent quality in the homes of Rome


31 May, 2019
The Iftar of Hummustown: Food as a bridge between two cultures

St. stephen's school

16 November, 2018
Meet the founder of Hummustown

Italia Che Cambia

31 July, 2018
Hummustown: in Rome catering that creates jobs for Syrian refugees

la repubblica

20 June, 2018
Hummustown, in Rome the catering of Syrian refugees: "with cooking we find dignity again"


16 April, 2018
Hummus Town: where eating hummus means helping to improve the world!

Rep Tv

20 June, 2018
Hummustown, catering to Syrian refugees in Rome: "In cooking we find dignity"

Rai News24

1 May, 2018
Work and cookers, stories of dreams and projects in the kitchen

Il Fatto Quotidiano

16 March, 2018
Seven years of war in Syria and a hope in Rome


22 February, 2018
A chance for Syrian refugees

Professional Woman's Association

7 February, 2018
JCU's Alumna Shaza Saker's initiative for Syrian refugees– Hummustown


31 January, 2018
Temple Rome Art Gallery Opening FT. Hummustown

John Cabot University

22 January, 2018
JCU Alumna Shaza Saker Launches "Hummustown" to Help Syrian Refugees

Dazebao News

11 April, 2017
Beyond prejudices, the universe has no walls: Shaza Saker Progetto Hummustown

Wanted in Rome

29 March, 2017
Hummustown: Levantine dips by Syrian refugees

AppiOH Blog

22 February, 2017
Scup: Melting Pop - Mixed dinner

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