About us! – The sustainable cooperative managed by Syrian refugees!

Hummustown is a cooperative run and managed by its members. Its mission statement upon inception was to provide a decent income-generating income for the influx of Syrian refugees seeking asylum in Italy. It is a non profit organization, where profit, if and when it is generated, is reinvested in the running of the cooperative. As the number of Syrian refugees tappered over the years, Hummustown adapted its mission statement to support other vulnerable communities, including refugees from countries other than Syria, victims of domestic abuse and violence of all backgrounds, and economically marginalized Italians who have suffered the brunt of the COVID-19 pandemic. While many individuals support Hummustown philanthropically, including individuals working for other international organizations in Rome, Hummustown is an independent organization not affiliated in any way with any other organization.

The Real Heart of Hummustown Today (April 2022)  is comprised of; Jumana (Chef), Rim (Chef), Rokaya (Chef), Sara (Chef), Erminia (Chef), Mohamed (Chef) and Elias, Danyar, Nabil, Khaled, Radwan, Ibrahim and Rola. Andrea  has also joined last year to provide his expertise in Managing the Cooperative. In fact, he is the one who will respond to all your queries in regards to Menus and Catering requests and assist you all the way,

The Hummustown family is continuously striving to attract new customers to try their different specialities, which not only include Syrian but also Italian and therefore a Fusion of delicious combinations of dishes. Hopefully you will all have the curiosity to try Hummustown’s different specialities.

Thank you

The Hummustown Family

HummusTown team
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