100 Locals in Rome Coffee Table Guide Book (Luxe Edition 2018)

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The ultimate Christmas gift. A beautiful coffee table book and the most useful guide of Rome you will ever need.

Experience Rome like a local. 100 Romans reveal the eternal city’s best coffee bars, restaurants and secret spots.

Whether you are a seasoned traveler to the city, a newbie, or indeed a seventh generation Roman, prepare to discover this magical land in its truest color. A color as mesmerizing as its salmon-tinted evening lights reflecting on monuments and structures as timeless as time itself.



“So beautifully presented and chock full of insider information, I am so curious where the book will take me next. Filled with little gems and personal accounts from all different points of view and experience, this book makes navigating this sometimes overwheming city a lot easier. Highly recommended if you want to see and experience the real Rome.” – Nina C., Philadelphia

“There are so many city guides out there, but the criteria chosen for most of them has never really appealed to my desire to discover a city through the eyes of its inhabitants. This guide answers to exactly that desire, and it is an utmost gem in allowing readers to find local places that would, otherwise, remain unknown to most visitors.” – Giulia L., Miami

“This is a fun book, and good to read while I am planning my trip to Rome. Each of the 100 Romans gives a restaurant recommendation which is excellent.” – Lynn Soleski, San Francisco

“This is such an innovative book and unique way of discovering the hidden spots of the eternal city. It is never easy to know where to eat and where to go when you are in a new town so who best to ask than the locals!
Very well presented and such an excellent book to have even if you live in Rome!” – Liza T, London

“Great book on exciting places to eat, drink and visit from insiders that usual guide books would not list.” David, California




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